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Grace Place Wellness West Coast Retreat June 20 – 24, 2016

A life in ministry can be richly rewarding for professional church workers and their families.  It can also be tremendously demanding and stressful.  The mission of Grace Place Wellness is to “nurture vitality and joy in ministry by inspiring and equipping church workers to lead healthy lives.”  The nineteen couples and one single church worker who attended the retreat strongly affirmed that the goal was accomplished!

2016 West Coast Retreat

A great part of our time together is building relationships and making new friends.

Held at the Resort at Squaw Creek near Lake Tahoe on June 20-24, the retreat was sponsored jointly by the three LCMS districts of the west coast.  Participants came from as far away as Seattle and Los Angeles. Because of the generosity of Dr. Matthew Gornet and Dr. Valerie Ratts, along with the support of 3 districts, California/Nevada/Hawaii, Northwest and Pacific Southwest, couples attended the five day retreat for a registration fee of only $250.

“Self-care is not self-ish,” said Rev. Dr. Zimmerman.  “It’s like the oxygen mask speech on the airplane:  first be sure you’re in good shape, then care for those dependent on you.”

“Vocation and Wellness: Renew Your Energy For Christian Living”

A book by John D. Eckrich, M.D. called “Vocation and Wellness:  Renew Your Energy For Christian Living” is now published and available at Amazon.com for purchase.

John BookIs your job killing you? Workplace challenges, family conflicts, financial tensions, and spiritual crises can leave us feeling emotionally and physically spent. This book is written by a Christian physician to identify and replace energy-depleting patterns with a proven prescription for re-energizing health and wellness in body, mind, and soul. Combining medical and Scriptural insights with practical suggestions, the Christian Wellness Wheel provides tools for renewal in your daily life, vocation, and relationships. Discover how to experience God’s renewable energy (His grace) and live a whole, healthy life.

Vocation and Wellness: Renew Your Energy for Christian Living