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Partners in Joy! NEW

Grace Place Wellness is excited to unveil our new Partners in Joy monthly giving program. Grace Place Wellness strives to care for the church workers who care for us.  Your ongoing, joyful support is essential for that to be achieved. We invite you to partner with us by contributing a monthly gift, in any amount.  Your prayerful consideration is greatly appreciated.

Thank YOU Florida/Georgia District!!

On October 16-20, Grace Place Wellness Ministries traveled to Florida for the first time.  Eighteen church workers from the Florida-Georgia District, LCMS relaxed, reinvigorated and learned important preventative strategies involving all aspects of health and wellness.  The retreat was led by Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman, VP of Programming.  The devotional leader for the week was Florida-Georgia District President Greg Walton.  The retreat was held at the Lido Beach Holiday Inn in Sarasota and the response by participants was tremendous.  Special thanks to the LCMS Office of National Mission and the Marco Lutheran Church Foundation, along with other donors, for making this inaugural event to so successful!


As you know by now, our annual Gala was postponed until September 29th due to unrest in the city of St. Louis.  Many of our supporters are now  unable to attend.  Please look at your calendars to see if the new date now works for you.  There is still time to secure your seat at this event and we would love to see you.

For those that were going to attend, but now cannot, along with our wonderful supporters too far away to drive, this year we are offering our Oral Auction items online for a few days.  Please read the attached items by double clicking on the below PG. #:

PG_7a     PG_8a     PG_9a    PG_10


  • Call or email Beth or Kathy at our office at 314-842-3077…bmcanallen@graceplacewellness.org or kevers@graceplacewellness.org
  • We ask for a minimum bid of 50% of the listed value of the item.  This will help Grace Place Wellness continue to serve Lutheran church workers around the country by guaranteeing an amount for each item.
  • Please know that we will still present all items at the Gala for auction and you may be outbid.

THANK YOU for helping us get through this difficult time!