Charis Award

The Charis Award is given by the Grace Place Wellness Board, periodically, to individuals who demonstrate outstanding and exemplary care and enthusiastic service to Lutheran church workers and their families through a special focus on health and wellness.

Recipients of the Charis Award are:

Rev. J. Bart Day
Bob and Luanne Beumer
Fred Bleeke
Audrey Claus
Robert F. Claus
James R. Dankenbring
Rupert Dunklau
Dr. John Eckrich, M.D.
Eustolio Gomez
Rev. Vernon Gundermann
Drs. Matthew F. Gornet and Valerie S. Ratts
Rev. Dr. Jerry and Terry Kieschnick
Betty Ann Knackstedt
F. Mark Kuhlmann
Rev. Dr. David and Kathy Ludwig
Bill and Carol Mattson
John H. Obermann
Dr. Norb and Jackie Oesch
Rev. Dr. Timothy R. Puls
Gregg Smith
Phyllis Wallace

Architekton Solus Christus

First recipient of the Architekton Solus Christus is:

Gregg Smith

Architekton Solus Christus means “Master Builder in Christ Alone”.  In Grace Place Wellness’ 15 years of nurturing Lutheran church workers, perhaps no other individual has had as much influence as Gregg in assuring that this care-ministry survives and thrives.  Gregg’s generosity, with a particular understanding that even Gospel ministry (right-hand Kingdom work) has a crucial component of business management (left-hand Kingdom work), allows programs and services to be delivered on an ongoing basis.

Gregg has been central to the yearly support of running the “business”, thus allowing the dollars given by so many other contributors to go directly into programs and services.  He also gave the sentinel gift to open the Grace Place Wellness Foundation.  As Gregg always reminds us, it is not him, but Christ’s grace and mercy that have filled Gregg since his Baptism, that accomplishes all that Gregg is and does.

We also share with Gregg the great commitment to the remnant of Christian faithful that we support in the Middle East through Bright Stars of Bethlehem.

We are pleased that his beautiful wife, Carlene, is his faithful companion in these many tasks.  In all of this, we thank God for the partnership of our brother and sister in faith, Gregg and Carlene Smith.