Baptismal Wellbeing Is… RENEWAL

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Did you ever feel like starting all over again? Wait, what I’m really asking is, Did you ever not feel like starting all over again?

I’m sorry. That’s not right. Please let me try it again. Have you ever known deep in your heart that your only hope is for a brand new beginning? (There, that’s better!)

The Gospel is always about beginning all over again
New beginnings. That’s the hope and the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, isn’t it? That’s why we’re open every Sunday, for new beginnings, fresh starts in the wondrous gift of Christ’s love and forgiveness. But isn’t Sunday too long to wait? If you’re like me, you’re ready for new beginnings all through the week!

True wellness includes Relational, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Vocational, Intellectual and Spiritual Wellbeing

The Wellness Wheel

At Grace Place Wellness, all of our programs begin at the center of The Lutheran Wellness Wheel: Baptismal Wellbeing, the hub of the wheel that touches every other part of our lives. If you’ve participated in one of our program offerings, you know I could go on for hours talking about baptismal renewal!

But I’m trying to keep it simple, easy to remember and easy to apply in our lives day by day. As Lutherans, we’re spending our entire lives discovering the multi-faceted wonders of God’s baptismal grace, and by the Holy Spirit, we are discovering new wonders every day.

I’m going to try in the next few weeks to boil down each of the eight aspects of the Wheel down to one word, a simple yet meaningful handle to help you on your continuing journey toward wholeness and balance in your life.

For Baptismal Wellbeing that word is RENEWAL.

And because of the Easter Sunday new beginning of resurrected life for our Savior, Jesus, every day is a day of new beginnings. And every moment of every day is an opportunity for renewal, to drown my old sinful nature with all its vices and rise again to a new beginning, forgiven, restored, starting brand new.

Irrigation system sweeping in a circle across a barren fieldNot long ago I showed the picture of the irrigation system at a retreat for Redeemer in Atwood, Kansas, out on the prairie of the high plains. (This picture could have been taken across the street from Redeemer!) No explanation was necessary. Even when the dry summer winds howl across the land, these farmers know, “There’s water down below.” It’s simply a matter of turning on the water when we need renewal.

Sinners like us need a reminder that God has made us His saints. I hope this note to you is today’s reminder. Take a moment right now. The water is always there, even if you’re feeling arid and dry.

Turn on the waters. Whisper, “Lord, have mercy.” Enjoy the RENEWAL Jesus has for you right now.

And don’t forget to say, “Thanks, Lord!”

Thank you for reading.

Darrell Zimmerman, VP/Program Director

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One thought on “Baptismal Wellbeing Is… RENEWAL

  1. Padre Dave Poedel, STS

    Thanks for this (I found the link at the bottom of the email on Intellectual Wellbeing). In one of his earlier songs “In the beginning”, Michael Card has a line “the gift of His life, an eternal beginning” has been a blessing to me as I hear it referring me back to my Baptism each moment of my life. God, for the sake of Jesus, literally gives me a brand new beginning every moment of my life. That radical gift doesn’t make me antinomian, on the contrary, it points me to the goodness of God’s Law as a sign of His love for me. As we Lutherans know, that love is a condemnation of my failure to live His law, but also a constant reminder that I can and should start over. Indeed, the gift of His love IS and eternal beginning!

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