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Humility and Relational Wellbeing!

(Reading time: two minutes).

Lent is good for relationships.

The problem with people like me and people like you, as we’re trying to walk through life together, is that we get in our own way.  “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”  If I were more lovable, more people would love me, but I’m not very.

And the people who have the hardest time getting along with me are those closest to me.  I’m not so bad with strangers.  I’m pretty good with people for two or three days when we first meet, too.  Sometimes it even takes a couple of months before my quirks and peculiarities start to rub people the wrong way.

But Lent is the Lord’s great cure for strained relationships. Continue reading

Humility and Spiritual Wellness!

(Reading time: two minutes.  Maybe less.  Lent starts tomorrow!)

It’s a very humbling season.  The Lord of glory is crowned as King; the King of the cross.  The humiliation of the Son of God from heaven reaches it’s peak in His passion and death.  Any who contemplate the story of what Jesus endured in our stead is humbled by His sacrifice.

As we should be.  We’re at our best when we’ve been humbled.  As you enter into this holy season, allow me to share just two (brief) thoughts on humility and the spiritual life of Christian leaders.

The first has to do with our own spiritual nurture through time in the Word of God. Continue reading

Humility and Baptismal Wellness!

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The holy season of Lent is now just a week away.  I know you’ve been in preparation for this time for many, many weeks, even before Christmas.  Shepherds of God’s flock are also members of that flock, little lambs dressed up in shepherd’s clothing.

It’s so important that as we are leading God’s people on their Lenten journey to the cross, we also make the journey.  Lent is to be a time not just of extra effort, more sermons and services to prepare; it’s also a time for our own meditation on the cross of Jesus. Continue reading

Your Pre-Lenten Wellness Retreat!

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Ash Wednesday is just two weeks away.  This is a good time to “get your own oxygen mask on before you take care of others.”

We’re heading into one of the busiest seasons of the church year, a time of extra hours, extra responsibilities and extra anxiety.  It’s a season we love, because of the extra opportunities to share the message of the Savior’s perfect love, His sacrificial death and resurrection.

Which is a good reason for us to be at our best.  This week and next I’ll focus on some of the preventive wellness practices that can help you to survive and thrive in this upcoming holy season! Continue reading

The Incarnation: A Financial Wellbeing Difference Maker!

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Born at Christmas, made manifest at Jordan’s waters, the life of Jesus shows us what God is like, but also, in many ways, what it means to be human.  Many of the things Jesus did, only He could ever do.  I don’t think everything Jesus said or did is an example for us.

But His Incarnation into this flesh and blood life does show us an ideal picture of what it means to live as a child of the heavenly Father.  And I do think there is a financial component to that example.   Continue reading

The Incarnation: A Physical Wellbeing Difference Maker!

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We have two more reflections on the significance of the Incarnation of Christ for our wellbeing: physical this week and financial next.  When I planned this series, I hesitated and almost skipped these two.  The ramifications of our Lord’s Incarnation go so far beyond the lessons we learn about caring for our bodies and our finances that it seemed a bit silly.

I don’t want this meditation to be heard as something so trite as, “The Son of God became flesh so that we would know how to eat better.”  That would be silly.

But the Christian teaching about this physical human nature is important for our understanding of who we are, and Jesus has some things to teach us, and some encouragement for us.  Let’s explore! Continue reading

The Incarnation: A Vocational Difference Maker!

Reading time: two minutes.

At January’s arrival, we dive right back into the full swing of ministry.  Not only has the (brief!) respite of the time after Christmas passed, the season of Lent and Easter is looming not too far away.

Many of the stresses for which life in ministry is famous rise up in force during this season.  Most pastors, and a large number of educators, believe that they were not fully prepared for the demands of ministry.  Loneliness, the sense of flying solo through the storms and expectations of ministry, can descend with a furor.  The delicate balance of family and work life is strained when we’ve just gone through one of those “extra-measure” seasons.

And that is why Jesus came.  The Incarnation, that God came in the flesh, makes a big difference, it makes ALL the difference, as we charge into the challenges of ministry at the beginning of a New Year.   Continue reading