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Favorite Wellness Scriptures: Paralytic Healed!

Reading time: two minutes.

The topic of wellness runs through the Bible.  For a few weeks, I’ll take a quick look at some of my favorite wellness stories in the Bible.

Leading the way is the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof in Mark chapter 2.  I’m starting here because this passage brings up a whole lot of themes we talk about here at Grace Place Wellness.

This story comes very early in Mark’s whirlwind account of the Lord’s ministry.  What I especially like is that Jesus shows that He is in charge.  He makes things happen.  He makes wellness happen.

Wellness is a gift from the Lord.  We are weak, but He is strong.  The man was physically unable to get himself into the presence of Jesus, but the Lord can do anything!  And the people were amazed.

I’ve got a couple more… Continue reading

“You Might Be in Trouble If…” Financial Edition!

Reading time: two minutes.

The warning signs that you might be in financial trouble are pretty obvious, but as we wrap up this series on “You Might Be in Trouble If…” I’ll mention three that plagued me for a long time.

You might be in financial trouble if worries about your financial condition interrupt your thoughts during the course of your regular, everyday activities. 

You also might be in financial trouble if you find yourself making an unusual number of mistakes with your finances, such as overdrafts or getting caught in a bind by not preparing for regular expenses.

And you might be in trouble if you look down the road and realize you have not yet established a long-range financial plan.

Fortunately, the solution for all three is the same. Continue reading

“You Might Be in Trouble If…” Physical Edition!

Reading time: two minutes.

I’ve been tossing out three warning signs of impending trouble as we work around the Lutheran Wellness Wheel.  As we consider physical wellness this week, I’d suggest that you watch out for these three warning signs: 1- Warning Signs (get it?) 2- Loss of Passion and 3- Forgetting your Doctor’s Name.

There are thousands of different physical symptoms that our bodies can exhibit to warn us of danger, so I tried to come up with something a little different.  Work with me on this one, and read on! Continue reading

You Might Be in Trouble If…” Vocational Edition!

Reading time: two minutes.

You’re called.  God has work for you to do in HIS amazing work of advancing the kingdom of Christ.  You’re gifted.  You have a unique, God-given and God-powered mix of spiritual gifts, experiences, passions and abilities that the Lord will utilize for His purposes.

You prayed this morning, “If I should wake before I die, I pray the Lord to show me why.”  Today is a day to live out your calling, your vocation in ministry.

But sometimes ministry is hard.  Sometimes very hard.  Today we want to do a quick scan of your vocational wellbeing.  What’s gotten off track that makes living out your calling in Christian ministry so hard? Continue reading

“You Might Be in Trouble If…” Emotional Edition!

Reading time: two minutes.

How about a quick scan of the emotional state of our relationships?

We’re so thankful for the meteorologists who, by assessing the state of the atmosphere, helped many, many people avoid an even worse disaster in Texas and in Florida.  Relationships have an atmosphere too.

Have you ever walked into a home and within a few minutes noticed, “Something is wrong here”?  It’s hard to hide tension and conflict between people.

Three warning signs of conflict in a relationship could include 1) a change of mood when someone you don’t really want to see walks in the room, 2) thinking about a bad relationship the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning, and 3) a desire to see someone else suffer.  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

“You Might Be In Trouble If…” Intellectual Edition!

Reading time: two minutes.

We’re reviewing some of the warning signs of getting out of balance and drifting away from a healthy life with God, healthy relationships and a healthy vocational life.

Today, we pick up on relationships and focus on communication in marriage; intellectual wellbeing.

Quite simply, three major warning signs that your communication is not so good are if there is a competitive aspect to your relationship, if you start to think you’ve heard what’s coming before, and a lack of surprises.

Let’s take a closer look! Continue reading

Hurricane Recovery Edition: Self-Care Isn’t Self-ish!

Reading time: two minutes.

Our hearts and our prayers are with all in the Hurricane Harvey recovery zone.  They are far too busy to be reading this, but it’s an opportunity for all in the caring professions to reflect upon the need for self care in times of trauma.

Pastors and congregations in disaster areas are called upon to serve every kind of human need: spiritual, emotional and physical.  When the needs are so great, it’s easy to become exhausted ourselves and thereby become unable to serve as we’d like.

The Lutheran Wellness Wheel considers all of these needs.  Let’s review the basics of self-care in times of crisis. Continue reading