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The Incarnation: A Physical Wellbeing Difference Maker!

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We have two more reflections on the significance of the Incarnation of Christ for our wellbeing: physical this week and financial next.  When I planned this series, I hesitated and almost skipped these two.  The ramifications of our Lord’s Incarnation go so far beyond the lessons we learn about caring for our bodies and our finances that it seemed a bit silly.

I don’t want this meditation to be heard as something so trite as, “The Son of God became flesh so that we would know how to eat better.”  That would be silly.

But the Christian teaching about this physical human nature is important for our understanding of who we are, and Jesus has some things to teach us, and some encouragement for us.  Let’s explore! Continue reading

Lessons from a Distance Runner!

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Distance runner Karl Meltzer recently set the record for hiking the entire length of the2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail; just under 46 days.  In an interview (New York Magazine), he shared the keys to enduring such an ordeal.

I think they fit pretty well for those in a life of ministry!  We’ll look at two or three each week for a little while, starting with… Pace yourself. 

Read on for more! Continue reading

“You Might Be in Trouble If…” Physical Edition!

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I’ve been tossing out three warning signs of impending trouble as we work around the Lutheran Wellness Wheel.  As we consider physical wellness this week, I’d suggest that you watch out for these three warning signs: 1- Warning Signs (get it?) 2- Loss of Passion and 3- Forgetting your Doctor’s Name.

There are thousands of different physical symptoms that our bodies can exhibit to warn us of danger, so I tried to come up with something a little different.  Work with me on this one, and read on! Continue reading

Physical Wellbeing for Churches in One Word: Sensitivity!

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“It’s my body.  I can do anything with it that I want,” is just bad theology.  Everything belongs to God (see Psalm 24:1).  Your body is only on loan from God for a few short years.  He’ll let you know when your time to use it is up.

In the meantime, part of our vocation as children of the Lord is to care for and use these bodies wisely and in a manner that pleases Him, because it’s His dwelling (see 1 Corinthians 6:19).

Physical wellbeing starts with being tuned in to the Lord’s will and purpose for our lives.  That’s how I interpret “sensitivity” in Ephesians 4:19.  What a joy it is to know that God cares about our physical wellbeing, and cares enough to guide us into good choices! Continue reading

Needed: More Sweaty Lutherans!

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Here’s a water analogy for you as we talk about physical wellness.  An inventor on “Shark Tank” came up with a workout t-shirt where the words on the front only appear when wet.  Get sweaty!  Not a bad idea (but the sharks didn’t bite!)

I think brisk, daily walking is the universal foundation for a physical wellness program.

You can play tennis if the weather allows.  You can swim if you have pool privileges.  You can go roller-blading… on second thought, don’t go roller-blading.  You can run if your joints can take it.  You can play golf if you promise to walk and carry your own bag.

But just about all of us can take a good, vigorous walk every day, even without lessons.  The target I suggest is to work your way up to 30 minutes every day, walking like you’re late.  Circumstances will give you a day off once in a while, so shoot for every day.  And remember these guidelines for your daily walk… Continue reading

Lenten Self-Care: Physical Vitality!

Reading time: less than two minutes.  (It’s Lent!)

The Church of Jesus needs you, and they need you at your best.  That sounds like a lot of extra pressure and stress, unless you consider that your best is not all that great.  I’m sorry. but you’re not Jesus.  You’re not perfect.

I love to call myself, “The World’s Okayest Pastor.”  That’s the best I’ve got.  The Lord has blessed me with gifts and a calling.  I’m not the most gifted and I don’t have the most influential calling, but I do want to give it my best.

That means taking care of myself.  Today I’ll offer a couple of simple suggestions for you so that in this extra busy season of Lent, you’ll have the best chance of being at your best when the ministry you serve needs you most! Continue reading

Best Advice from You: Physical Wellness!

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This is timely!  This week’s greatest advice I’ve heard from you, participants at our retreats, is in the physical wellbeing category.  So as we all prepare to exercise the Spirit’s gift of self-control fitness_walkat the Thanksgiving feast, how about some wisdom from the body of Christ?  Here’s what I hear from those at our retreats who have discovered a measure of physical fitness in their walk of faith.

Get it?  Their walk of faith?  Sometimes this “walk” is not a metaphorical journey to heaven, but an actual “put on your shoes, get out the door and take a walk” kind of walk.  That’s good advice.  The one thing I hear from more of you than anything else is the discipline of a daily fitness walk.

Let’s tackle some of the obstacles to taking a good walk every day. Continue reading