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Humility and Spiritual Wellness!

(Reading time: two minutes.  Maybe less.  Lent starts tomorrow!)

It’s a very humbling season.  The Lord of glory is crowned as King; the King of the cross.  The humiliation of the Son of God from heaven reaches it’s peak in His passion and death.  Any who contemplate the story of what Jesus endured in our stead is humbled by His sacrifice.

As we should be.  We’re at our best when we’ve been humbled.  As you enter into this holy season, allow me to share just two (brief) thoughts on humility and the spiritual life of Christian leaders.

The first has to do with our own spiritual nurture through time in the Word of God. Continue reading

The Incarnation: A Spiritual Difference Maker!

Reading time: two minutes.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14), and the living, breathing, in the flesh presence of Jesus changes everything for us.  Everything.  All the way around the Lutheran Wellness Wheel.  Today we’ll consider how the Incarnation of the Son of God makes a difference for our spiritual lives.

I don’t think that everything Jesus did was an example for us.  Many of the things He did He did because we can’t do them.

But His life of worship and the spiritual disciplines are one of the ways we are called to follow in His footsteps. Continue reading

Final Lessons from a Distance Runner!

Reading time: two minutes.

Karl Meltzer, the record holder for the fastest trip down the Appalachian Trail ever, has three more thoughts to share about endurance on a long hard journey.  I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on them.  There’s a nugget of truth for those in ministry to ponder in just about every one of them.

Drink coffee?  I’m not a big caffeine guy, but the last three are pretty good.

Let’s start with Embrace struggle.  Jesus said it this way, Continue reading

Favorite Wellness Scriptures: Paralytic Healed!

Reading time: two minutes.

The topic of wellness runs through the Bible.  For a few weeks, I’ll take a quick look at some of my favorite wellness stories in the Bible.

Leading the way is the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof in Mark chapter 2.  I’m starting here because this passage brings up a whole lot of themes we talk about here at Grace Place Wellness.

This story comes very early in Mark’s whirlwind account of the Lord’s ministry.  What I especially like is that Jesus shows that He is in charge.  He makes things happen.  He makes wellness happen.

Wellness is a gift from the Lord.  We are weak, but He is strong.  The man was physically unable to get himself into the presence of Jesus, but the Lord can do anything!  And the people were amazed.

I’ve got a couple more… Continue reading

“You Might Be In Trouble If…” Spiritual Edition

Reading time: two minutes.

We’re looking at three warning signs of an imbalanced, unhealthy life for a few weeks.  This week’s topic: Spiritual Wellbeing.

The short definition of a healthy spiritual life that I’ve been working with reads,As I grow in God’s grace of Spiritual GOODNESS I am finding joy in RECEPTIVITY to His gifts, maturing and growing in Christ.”

There are so many ways to consider this, but I’ve chosen three indicators that I’ve wrestled with over the years, summarized by these three words: daisy, prayer, and distance.

We better unpack those three a little bit. Continue reading

Spiritual Wellness for Churches in One Word: “Mature”!

Reading time: two minutes.

The wellness themes highlighted in the Lutheran Wellness Wheel are given some wonderful scriptural insight in Ephesians 4.  Meditation on the Word, sometimes just one word in a text, can produce the guidance we need as we seek the fullness of congregational life the Lord desires.

The word for reflection on Spiritual Wellbeing comes from verse 13: “…until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

Spiritually mature congregations handle everything better.  They dream better.  They serve better.  They witness better.  So how do congregations become mature?  From my experience with pastors, I know you’re on the right track.  Today I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but I will try to offer you some encouragement to keep striving toward that maturity Paul describes for the people of God. Continue reading

A Long, Cool Drink of Water!

Reading time: two minutes.

I’ve learned how to hush a big crowd of pastors.  Ask, “So, how’s your private devotional life?”

We pastors know our Bibles and our theology quite well.  What’s sadly lacking is the personal devotional time of Bible reading, meditation and prayer.  The average times per week and amount of time spent quietly with the Lord is shockingly low, especially when you average in those who are faithful in their daily time with the Lord.

Let me encourage you to set aside time each day or to keep to your daily habit going with a couple of thoughts continuing our water theme from last week. Continue reading