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A Rose In Bloom – Grace Place Wellness

Our church workers are like flowers in full bloom…thriving on sunlight, water and the tender care of our Heavenly Gardener.  But, the constant pressures of ministry, finances and even family…over time…can cause many illnesses, leaving our pastors, deaconesses, missionaries and teachers wilting under the stress.


By donating now, lives are blessed. For example:

     * Your life, when you experience the blessing of being a blessing
     * The church worker (and spouse) who attend a retreat
     * The church worker’s family (children and extended family)
     * Ministry Teams and Congregations


How Do They Do It?

Video viewing time:  2 Minutes

How Do They Do It?

With your help, Grace Place Wellness Ministries will continue our mission to nurture joy in ministry, by inspiring and equipping church workers to lead healthy lives.

Merry Christmas from your friends at Grace Place Wellness Ministries!