Introducing our 2017 Gala Co-Chairs, Karl and Jenna Nelson

 “Growing up as the child of a church worker– I understand first-hand the importance of Grace Place Wellness Ministries. For church workers and their families to be given to chance to reconnect and take time to focus on self-care, health, and spiritual wellness is an invaluable blessing!”  Jenna Nelson

Karl and Jenna bring valuable skills to the Gala Committee:

*Hard working
* Passionate about supporting church workers
* Project-management skills
* Leadership skills
* Networking and relationship-building skills
* Fun-loving spirits

Interesting facts about Karl and Jenna:

* Been married for 13 years and met at Freshman Orientation
at Valparaiso University

* Karl works as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones
*Jenna works as a Psych Social Worker at De Paul Hospital
* They have two adorable daughters, Layna (5th grade) and Claire (2nd grade) and attend Christ Community Lutheran School
* Karl and Jenna worked the CCLS Auction in 2017
* And if Jenna looks familiar to you – She should!   Jenna is the daughter of our own Rev. Dr. Darrell and Carol Zimmerman!!

**Please extend a huge “THANK YOU” to Jenna and Karl for accepting this position!