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Introducing our 2017 Gala Co-Chairs, Karl and Jenna Nelson

 “Growing up as the child of a church worker– I understand first-hand the importance of Grace Place Wellness Ministries. For church workers and their families to be given to chance to reconnect and take time to focus on self-care, health, and spiritual wellness is an invaluable blessing!”  Jenna Nelson

Karl and Jenna bring valuable skills to the Gala Committee:

*Hard working
* Passionate about supporting church workers
* Project-management skills
* Leadership skills
* Networking and relationship-building skills
* Fun-loving spirits

Interesting facts about Karl and Jenna:

* Been married for 13 years and met at Freshman Orientation
at Valparaiso University

* Karl works as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones
*Jenna works as a Psych Social Worker at De Paul Hospital
* They have two adorable daughters, Layna (5th grade) and Claire (2nd grade) and attend Christ Community Lutheran School
* Karl and Jenna worked the CCLS Auction in 2017
* And if Jenna looks familiar to you – She should!   Jenna is the daughter of our own Rev. Dr. Darrell and Carol Zimmerman!!

**Please extend a huge “THANK YOU” to Jenna and Karl for accepting this position!

Africa South and East Region Missionary Retreat, Malindi, Kenya

When LCMS overseas missionaries gather with others from their region, it’s a time for respite, renewal, learning and a time for worship and refreshment b God’s Word and Sacrament.  What a privilege for Grace Place Wellness Program Director, Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman to be chaplain for the South and East Region of Africa on their recent renewal retreat.  Darrell led daily worship for a group of over 50 adults and children deployed as career missionaries.  Together they studied the combined themes of our Lord’s final week of instruction to his disciples and the Lutheran Wellness Wheel.  God bless all who serve in foreign lands, that by the Spirit’s blessing they would flourish in family, faith and ministry!

A Rose In Bloom – Grace Place Wellness

Our church workers are like flowers in full bloom…thriving on sunlight, water and the tender care of our Heavenly Gardener.  But, the constant pressures of ministry, finances and even family…over time…can cause many illnesses, leaving our pastors, deaconesses, missionaries and teachers wilting under the stress.


By donating now, lives are blessed. For example:

     * Your life, when you experience the blessing of being a blessing
     * The church worker (and spouse) who attend a retreat
     * The church worker’s family (children and extended family)
     * Ministry Teams and Congregations


THANK YOU! Concordia Theological Seminary Ft. Wayne March 17-19, 2017

THANK YOU Concordia Theological Seminary Ft. Wayne! Our Ft. Wayne Seminary Retreat was a success and we could not have done it without you! Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman and Rev. Dr. Tim Puls and 25 people participated in this two day wellness and  wholeness experience focused on the Great Commandment…to Love One Another…inspiring spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and fiscal well being in personal life and ministry service.  Special thanks to the LCMS Office of National Mission for their support!