Grace Place Wellness Programs

Grace Place Wellness offers various programs to minister to church workers and their families: Please contact Program Director Darrell Zimmerman at (314) 580-4608

Church Worker Retreat


Participants at the Michigan District Retreat 2014

Church Worker Retreats are 5-days, 4-nights continuing education events gathering church workers and their spouses for focused, experiential study of wellbeing and self care, restoration in scheduled hours of prayer in the Word, and times of fellowship and rest in high quality resort settings.

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CWW-St-Paul-2014-10-0001Congregational Wellness Weekends

Designed to help your congregation develop an environment where the workers in the church can thrive, a Congregational Wellness Weekend is an interactive learning event for staff and lay leaders focused on the benefits of a healthy, productive, joy-filled church staff.

CWW Video

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Ministry Team Wellness Workshops

High functioning team ministry, characterized by strong, Christ-centered relationships is the focus of the Ministry Team Wellness Workshop.  This 8-10 hour event, typically spread over two days, is designed for large congregations, social service agencies of the church, Recognized Service Organizations or elementary, secondary and university faculties.

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Professional Church Worker Conferences

Our staff is available to work with your committee to develop a personalized program for your district, circuit or regional event.  We present interactive, conversation based programs intended to help participants grow stronger in spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Christians in Movement and Meditation

Christians in Movement and Mediation is the daily meditation exercise and stretch program used on Grace Place Wellness Retreats and appearing in the appendix of vocation and wellness.  This program was designed by John D. Eckrich, M.D.

Ministry To Wives

Grace Place Wellness endeavors to support clergy and church workers in finding joy in ministry. We understand that a big piece of this is having healthy families and healthy marriages. We recognize that just as every ministry situation is unique, so is every ministry spouse. But there is a common bond found in the journey. There are seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow in ministry. Each bend is both exciting and challenging and can easily wear on emotions and relationships. Expectations abound.

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