Congregational Wellness Weekends – Purpose & Objectives

Church family enjoying wellness weekendThe PURPOSE of Grace Place Wellness Congregational Weekends is to:

  1. Teach churches of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) to care in body, mind and spirit for the workers who care for them by wellness practices that are woven into the fabric of congregational life in order to better pursue the Lord’s mission together;
  2. Establish Church Worker Support Teams in LCMS congregations that will encourage and support church workers in their commitment to wellness living in body, mind and spirit; and
  3. Invite Congregational Wellness Weekend churches to join the wellness movement in the LCMS through further participation and support of ongoing Grace Place Wellness Ministries events.

The OBJECTIVES of Grace Place Wellness Congregational Weekends are that:

  1. Church staff and leaders understand the biblical teaching of wellness and unity in the Body of Christ, the Church, and discover its practical application in their own context [KNOWLEDGE];
  2. Church staff and leaders learn and understand the model of wholistic wellness taught in the Lutheran Wellness Wheel and apply its concepts to the care of staff [KNOWLEDGE];
  3. Church staff increasingly adopts the simple but life-changing preventive wellness practices taught at the CWW and model wellness living to the church [SKILLS];
  4. Church staff and leaders practice the healthy skills of open communication, gracious forgiveness, vibrant health, fiscal generosity and joyful service as they live out their baptismal calling [SKILLS];
  5. Church staff and lay leaders passionately desire the wellness God intends for the Body of Christ and commit to healthy practices for the wellness of body, mind and spirit [ATTITUDES];
  6. Church staff and lay leaders grow in appreciation of the link between healthy, productive leaders and healthy, productive congregations and commit to the wellness of all workers [ATTITUDES]; and
  7. Church staff and lay leaders recognize Grace Place Wellness Ministries as an advocate and resource for ongoing wellness education in the congregation, the district and the synod [ATTITUDES].

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