Ministry to Wives

grace place croppedGrace Place Wellness endeavors to support clergy and church workers in finding joy in ministry. We understand that a big piece of this is having healthy families and healthy marriages. We recognize that just as every ministry situation is unique, so is every ministry spouse. But there is a common bond found in the journey. There are seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow in ministry. Each bend is both exciting and challenging and can easily wear on emotions and relationships. Expectations abound.

The Deaconess for Ministry Wives position was created to offer an extra layer of spiritual care and support for spouses. Currently we are doing this through individual visits with Deaconess Heidi (whether in person, by phone, or online), online Bible studies just for pastor’s and church work wives, a devotional blog, and connecting with one another at district events and retreats. We are also working to meet with and encourage and uplift Seminary Wives in the same way.

Deaconess Heidi desires most of all to hear about each woman’s journey in all of its uniqueness. She would love to hear your story, to share your joys and challenges. Let us know if there is any way we can help make the journey that much more rich.

Individual Visits and Support

circuitwivesGrace Place Wellness’  vision for a deaconess to support ministry wives includes individual spiritual care and encouragement for each pastor’s wife. Our deaconess would love to encourage and support you. You can contact her by email at or phone by calling the Grace Place Wellness office at 314-842-3077

Online Bible Studies

We have Bible study groups on Facebook and Google groups for pastor’s wives to get into the Word and connect with one another.

Click here for the form if you are interested in joining a group, or would like more information. Fill out and return to or mail it to Grace Place Wellness Ministries.  Click here for the form for Grace Place Wellness Prayer Group questionnaire and return to Grace Place Wellness Ministries.

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