Professional Church Workers Conferences

soup17Do you offer programs for conferences and workshops?

The Grace Place Wellness staff has a proven record of offering insightful, biblically-based and Christ-centered wellness programs at professional church work conferences and workshops. The core concepts from the Lutheran Wellness Wheel can be specifically tailored to your schedule and event and directly targeted to be applicable to your audience.  Our program offerings fit nicely as plenary sessions in conferences, in smaller regional gatherings, Circuit Visitor training programs, couples retreats or events for specialized ministries such as Ministers of Music, Deaconesses, DCE’s, etc.

Who leads the seminars?

Program Director Darrell Zimmerman brings the experience of over 30 years of parish pastoral ministry in churches large and small to his presentations. Darrell has spoken at many district Pastor’s Conferences, Educators Conferences and led all of our various retreat programs. Dr. John Eckrich, our Founder, is recognized across the synod as an authority on the spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of wellness as well as the physical.

What topics do you discuss?

Our wide variety of topics on the health and wellbeing of professional church workers include the practice of devotional disciplines for a vibrant spiritual life, stress management for physical wellbeing, diet and exercise for weight management, and techniques for healthy, open communication and gospel-directed conflict resolution. Recent titles of workshop offerings include

  • “Healthy Leaders for Healthy Congregations”
  • “The Lutheran Wellness Wheel as a Model for Healthy Living”
  • “Wellness in Body, Mind and Spirit”
  • “Stress Management for Physical Wellbeing”
  • “The Pastor and the Spiritual Disciplines”
  • “Diet and Exercise Fundamentals for Beginners”
  • “Family First Church Workers”
  • “Joy in Ministry: God’s Intention for Church Workers”

To explore the development of a custom program to fit your needs, contact Rev. Dr. Darrell Zimmerman, Program Director.