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Partners In Joy Monthly Giving Program!

Grace Place Wellness is excited to unveil our new Partners in Joy monthly giving program. Grace Place Wellness strives to care for the church workers who care for us.  Your ongoing, joyful support is essential for that to be achieved. We invite you to partner with us by contributing a monthly gift, in any amount.  Your prayerful consideration is greatly appreciated.

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The John Eckrich Scholarship Fund

Every church worker would benefit from a Grace Place Wellness Retreat…

…Some can’t afford to attend.

Our dream at Grace Place Wellness is that every church worker could attend a Grace Place Wellness Retreat, but sometimes the financial need gets in the way.

In honor of our founder, Dr. John D. Eckrich, the John Eckrich Scholarship Fund was initiated in September, 2015.  These monies will be used to assist pastors, their wives and other church workers to experience a Grace Place Wellness Retreat regardless of their own financial limitations.  Thank you for supporting church workers by promoting the legacy of “the man behind the mission”.



Grace Place Wellness Ministries achieves its mission through the faithful generosity of organizations, congregations and individuals who provide the resources needed for us to provide for and carry out our ministry among our Lutheran pastors and professional church workers.

Your role as a partner in support of our Lutheran pastors and professional church workers ultimately touches the people who will hear the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ proclaimed and taught by healthy pastors and professional church workers we care for.

And now, friends, we ask you to honor those leaders who work so hard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging and guiding you…Overwhelm them with appreciation and love.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13


Donate to support Grace Place WellnessWhen you support the ministries of Grace Place Wellness, you’re a blessing to our Pastors, Teachers, Directors of Christian Education, Missionaries, and their spouses.  Make an impact today.

For more information, contact Beth McAnallen at the Grace Place Wellness office: 314-842-3077.

Grace Place Wellness is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt.  Our Tax ID number is

Thrivent Choice Dollars

You may choose to designate your “Choice Dollars” for Grace Place Wellness! Learn more.

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Legacy Gifts

As Grace Place Wellness Ministries celebrates its 15th anniversary, we encourage you to help pave the way for the next ten years of service and beyond. Please consider a legacy gift that will provide for the future needs of Grace Place Wellness by bequeathing a portion of the material blessings God has provided. Your gift will live on in the lives of those who Grace Place Wellness will continue to serve.

Bequests can be made of the assets you own at the time of your death by simply naming Grace Place Wellness Ministries in your will or living trust. The benefit to Grace Place Wellness occurs upon your death. You can also name Grace Place Wellness Ministries as the beneficiary of assets such as life insurance, annuities or retirement assets.

  • You can leave a specified dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or specific assets to Grace Place Wellness Ministries.
  • You maintain flexibility and control of your assets while living.

Beneficiary Proceeds

  • The asset bypasses probate and goes directly to Grace Place Wellness.
  • Your heirs do not pay income or estate taxes on assets designated for Grace Place Wellness.
  • Grace Place Wellness Ministries receives specific assets upon your death.
  • You can designate any portion of these assets to Grace Place Wellness Ministries, and can change this designation throughout your life.

Your attorney, financial planner or an estate planning attorney can contribute important, expert advice in guiding you to remember Grace Place Wellness Ministries in your will.

Thank you in advance for using your blessings from God to be a blessing to pastors, teachers and church workers who serve Him and who care for us! If you have additional needs, questions or to inform us of your decision, please contact:

Randy Fauser
President/CEO Grace Place Wellness
o: 314-842-3077

For additional information regarding donations and additional giving options available to you through Grace Place Wellness Ministries, or if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Thank you for your wonderful support.