Here’s what people are saying about Grace Place Wellness programs

A Grateful Pastor-June 2017

“Thank you for so generously supporting the Grace Place Wellness Ministry.  I’ve been in ministry 12 years and married for 17, and this was the first time since I became a pastor that we’ve taken time away like this for the sole purpose of strengthening our marriage and reflecting on ministry.  The excellent presentations, combined with the couples’ time, helped us uncover some struggles we hadn’t been attending to and/can already see the long-term benefits this week will have for us. 

Rev. Roger Steinbrueck,Trinity Lutheran Church, Friedheim, MO

“Thank you for sponsoring this Grace Place Wellness retreat.  I have heard of these in several districts and have longed to attend.  The insights and wisdom they shared spoke to questions and concerns I have felt in my personal and ministerial  life.  It seems overwhelming as I am writing.  But following their advice and prioritizing my steps makes the task possible.  My prayer is that more of my brother pastors and their wives take advantage of this resource the next time it is offered.”

Liz Schuller, wife of Pastor Isaac Shuller of San Jose, CA

The Grace Place Wellness Retreat has been such a blessing to me and my husband; we don’t want to leave!  But we know that when we do, we have a whole new tool set to deal with the stresses and strains of the ministry lifestyle.” 

Pastor Phil Zabell of Willows/Artois, California

The ambience of the venue, the quality of the program, and the opportunity to have time away together has proven to be invaluable.  The holistic design of the retreat is not only a pleasant approach, but an integral aspect of the desired outcomes of the various elements comprising the retreat.  We especially valued the time to communicate with each other and other church workers, and the re-commitment to personal devotional time.”

Jeff and Fadia Jenkins, St. Louis Seminarian

“Thank you SO MUCH for giving us the opportunity to attend the Grace Place Wellness Retreat.  Both my husband and I were refreshed and strengthened in both our faith and in the knowledge of one another and how we interact together.  Most of all, we were blessed to be around other like minded Christians and to hear Dr. Eckrich, Dr. Zimmerman and Mr. Gomez.  They all affirmed and solidified our faith, understanding and mission.  Being second career we have been out in the field as laymen and have seen how burnout and discouragement can overtake church workers.  The retreat was a “breath of fresh air”, to know there are caring Christians who are concerned for the Church and the well being of the called Church workers.  Thank you again for the wonderful facility and your hospitality!!”

Kirstin Hopkins, A Seminary Wife

“Having a deaconess available for seminary wives and pastor’s wives is both wonderful and crucial!  What Grace Place does for people in the ministry is amazing!  I see having a deaconess available as being critical because wives may just need another woman to talk to.  It’s not always easy to open up to our husbands about certain things and we can’t speak to our parishioners about everything.  While we have other pastor’s wives to talk to and share concerns and bounce ideas off of, a deaconess is trained theologically and would be able to lend a theological view.  The deaconess can help support the overall WELLNESS of the wife.  The pastor is not the only individual in the relationship that may get burned out or depressed and while Grace Place does address the overall wellness of the pastor AND his wife, I can see the importance of having a deaconess available to these ministry wives.

A Deaconess

“Thank you for supporting the Grace Place Deaconess retreat!  Without the financial assistance I would not have been able to attend.  During a difficult time in my personal and professional life, this week has been an oasis of blessing and renewal.  I am so grateful to gather with my sister’s in word, worship and learning.  I now return to my ministry with excitement and tools to care for myself, so I may continue to serve with joy!  Thank you.”

A Pastor’s Wife

“The “private” Pastor’s Wives Bible Study with Heidi Goehmann is fascinating, interesting, lively and helps us to see versus from a different perspective than being in a Sunday morning Bible Class because all members are there because of their husbands “call”.  Thus we not only want to understand the Bible for ourselves, but also so we can share the “truth of the scriptures” in our daily interaction  with our husband’s “flock”.  Also with a small group new friendships with like-minded Christ first ladies has been a delight.  If you have a few extra minutes a week, please join one these groups, you won’t be disappointed”.

The Barna Group & The Alban Institute

Nearly all clergy or wives will go through a significant episode of clinical depression during ministry. 73% of Grace Place retreat attendees have experienced improvement in their emotional well being”.

Trevor A. Freudenburg, First Year Seminarian

I want to thank you for providing the Grace Place Wellness Prayer Retreat.  The times of solitude were a stunning reminder of just how troubled and busy our hearts can be.  It is important to take time and deliberately set it aside to spend time in the Word of God and prayer.”

Michael Apfel, First Year Seminarian

I am sincere when I share with you that I firmly believe this retreat should be required for all seminarians.  It has been, even today and will be in ministry very important.  There is a mindset (at Seminary) that ANY time in the Word is “personal” time in the Word.  This retreat has helped me see that I need personal time n prayer and personal Bible study as well.”

Jennifer Stranksy, Wife of First Year Seminarian Student

Thank you for the generous blessing…of this weekend.  The retreat has been a beautiful experience that has opened my eyes for myself as well as my husband as a future pastor.  I have learned invaluable practices, thoughts, and resources that will continue to be utilized throughout my life.  I especially enjoyed Pastor Waiser’s gentle and grace-filled approach in sharing this important information.  I highly recommend it to anyone desiring a deeper relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Dave Klein – Principal, Trinity Lutheran School, Centralia, Illinois

We came battle-worn, completely exhausted & depleted.  We’re leaving today physically rested,and spiritually & emotionally nurtured.”

Pastor Alvin Peters, Hope Lutheran Church, K.C.

We thank Grace Place [Wellness] for what you do in providing retreats for stressed and weary pastors and wives. We really needed this retreat; between the demands of church and four small children. Thank you for your ministry which is such a great blessing to so many.”

Nola Seaman, Garden Grove, CA

…This has been an incredible week!  God has been such a real presence.  I have learned so much about myself and about what it is that makes me tick…”

Matt Nolte -Dallas, TX

“Beloved servants in Christ – Sometime the gifts we give in response to God’s calling are such a passion of ours that we might see them as insignificant or not enough.  But today I want to assure you that by God’s grace your gift to God’s servants has been multiplied to us.  Thank you for acknowledging the need of spiritual renewal for pastors and their wives and utmost thank you for the sacrifices you have made meet that need.  Whether great or small, your offering to the ministry is never trifle.  Thank you for your continued obedience to God’s requests.”

A Pastor’s Wife

“Hi Heidi, I want to thank you for your blog.  I have been reading your posts for awhile they are always so encouraging.  THANK YOU!  Jason and I had a discussion yesterday about Clergy marriages, needless to say your newest blog was very fitting.  I pray God continues to use you to write encouraging words to Pastor wives”.

A Pastor’s Wife

Hi Heidi! I am so excited about what is already happening with our small group Bible Study that you are coordinating.  Thank you soooo much!!  I would really like to see more wives learn about this opportunity.  Would you mind if I shared what you are doing with our District President?  A fellow Pastor’s wife and I were just chatting with him a couple of weeks ago about the need for something like this to connect Pastor’s wives and give them a place to share and support and grow in faith together.  I think he would be excited to hear about what you are doing and share the info with wives who may be interested”.